Saturday, November 13, 2010

The First Step Is the Hardest

Also an old one...this was done in 2005. for the internet mp3 download of the demo version of the song "Prvi korak je najtezi" (The first step is the hardest) by Jarboli. Since the song only has 2 chords, I got this idea to put the chords on the cover. So I picked up the guitar and tried to figure out the chords...when I finished the drawing I called Daniel who wrote the song to check if the chords are right... turns out that I got the second chord wrong:) So I had to correct the drawing. That's how untalented for music I am (not to say that I AM talented for anything else). So this drawing will come handy to amateur music enthusiasts (like myself) who like this song and would like to try to play it. If you only know how to play a few chords, you can still play a lot of great songs that are simple but well crafted and get a great amout of enjoyment out of it... A while ago, I spent a good part of the day playing only "Dosed" and "Universally speaking" by Chili Peppers... Mind blowing chord changes! Really nice lyrics too, feels so good to sing and play these songs, I really got carried away.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


2 Episodes of  "Jova"... this time in english ...