Thursday, April 4, 2019

Chrysta Bell

I don't go to gigs much anymore but it's worth it to keep going... you might experience something completely new and special and transcendental ... like looking Chrysta Bell straight into her eyes while she is singing a song she wrote with David Lynch...

from Chrysta Bell interview:

"Everything I do as an artist, from the very first moment that a melody floats into my mind, so the beginning of a song, I think about singing it on stage. Everything in my life is looking towards the moment that I get to deliver the music to an audience that is with me in the experience. I put a lot of energy, intention, and focus on this part of my artistic life. You have to do the record, of course, all the administrative aspects, you have to book the tour and you have to give all this information and organization. But all of it is for this basically 70 minutes on stage. Where you can make eye contact while you’re singing music that you’ve worked so hard to make; and you’ve worked all of your life developing the craft. And then you have this moment that you share with someone. And it’s transcendent. Or it can be transcendent. Or it can be awkward, which I love too."

This train stops for no one
Yet we’re all aboard
No soul knows where home is
‘Cept the one who knows the lord

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